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Island circumnavigation Ajishima line. Mt.Kinka sightseeing cruise

 Trip around the island Ajishima line


[Cat island] Tashirojima and Cobalt blue Ajishima
The Ajishima connects the Ishinomaki port,Tashiro island,Ajishima and Ayukhawa port.Tashiro island,[also known as cat island ]has long been cherished by cats as the god of big catches,and in recent years it has become an island that attracts many foreign visitors and cat lovers from all around the world.Ajishima has a cobalt blue beach and it is crouded with sea bathers in summer. You can enjoy the beach and the vast beautiful sky even in the other seasons.

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 Trip around the island,Mt.Kinka cruise


To the east corner there are three great sites.(Power spot,Mt.Kinka and the Koganeyama Shrine)
There is a belief that"If you visit Kinkasan (Mount Kinka) Three years in a row" you will never suffer form the problem with the money. It is located at the coast of Oshika peninsula,Wtih the circumference of only 26km.The entire island is a sacred area of Kinkasan (Mount Kinka) Kogane yama shrine. It is very popular among the young people and rapidly increasing travelers. It is a trip around the island connecting Ayukawa port and Kinkasan (Mount Kinka)
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Gobansho park


The tip of the Oshika peninsula. A park from where you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view overlooking the pacific ocean. From the Gobansho park you can see three islands. Mt.Kinka,Ajishima and the Tashirojima.The Sendai clan set up a look up post in the edo period to be prepared for the "Tangan" attack.You can enjoy the panoramic view of the Oshika Peninsula and the Mt.Kinka.It is just a few minutes drive from the ryokan.

Whale town Oshikha/Restaurant Nagisa

You can enjoy the fresh seafood grown in the rough waves of Mt.Kinka,one of the world's three largest fishing grounds,Miyagi speciality beef tounge etc.
[Number of seats:30] Business hours:11:00-16:00. Closed on wednesday. Phone number:0225-24-6890

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